Our Story

In the late 1990’s I went to work as an assistant golf pro at a course that was overrun with nutria. When my boss found out I was a bowhunter, he asked me if I’d cull the population as they were doing damage to the ponds, burrowing into the banks.

What I quickly found out was nutria are too big to shoot with field tips, blunts or judo tips as these heads don’t provide an appropriate cutting edge to do the job. I spent a couple of years shooting them with old broadheads but misses and pass-throughs always ended up hitting the river rock that lined the ponds at the golf course and damaged or destroyed my expensive broadheads.

What I needed was a head that was indestructible and yet had a cutting edge to do the job. I drew up some plans for an arrowhead that had both a blunt tip for shock and a proper cutting edge and gave it to a friend of mine that owned a machine shop.

Shortly he had created some prototypes for me. I immediately went to the golf course and put them to the test. The head performed flawlessly on both hits and misses. I knew I was on to something. TalonHeads was born!

I hope you enjoy using the Talon Heads as much as I enjoyed creating it!


Stan Mercer
Inventor and Co-Founder

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